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Terms and conditions

1) To register, the Full Name must be real (true). It is forbidden to use of alias, pseudonyms or the name of groups or organizations.

2) Users must be author and owner of photos and information published in this site. It is assumed the all material uploaded by users are theirs, the responsability is independent of InfoFauna.

3) It is forbidden total or partial reproduction of the data published by InfoFauna without prior approval of the corresponding author.

4) If a reader believe that any material breaks copyright, he can send an email to website administrator from "Contact" at the bottom of any screen.

5) Photos and data published must be of nature and wild fauna. It is forbidden any abusive material or a anything different of nature.

6) InfoFauna is not responsible for information published in this site, as it is free to use and everybody can publish material without previous revision. Each person is responsible for the data and photographs he publishes. If a reader consider that any material is inadequate, he can send an email to website administrator from "Contact" at the bottom of any screen.

7) All photos must be about fauna in the nature and wild conditions. Pets and animals in captivity is not allowed. People must not appear in the pictures.

8) InfoFauna is not responsible for interaction of authors of photos with nests, caves and young. We suggest not to interfere with the natural behaviour of the species.

9) InfoFauna reserve the rights to remove any wrong or inadequate material without notice.

10) Each user agrees that all profile and published information is stored in a database. InfoFauna reserves the rights to correct orthographic errors and places or species names, and to classify the information.

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